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Kunz Carpentry Warehouse


Picture of Kunz Carpentry

Picture of Kunz Carpentry Warehouse


Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Vanities, Custom Bars,
Home Furnishings, Gift Items

For all your woodworking needs.

Lumber, Plywood, Molding, Tools, Hardware,
and so much more


Kunz Carpentry
16 East Broadway
Trenton, Illinois 62293

Phone: (618) 224-7892
Email: info@kunzcarpentry.com

Kunz Carpentry Warehouse
18 South Main Street
Trenton, Illinois 62293

Phone: (618) 224-9636
Email: kunzcarpentry@ezeeweb.com


Kunz Carpentry - Find us on Facebook

Kunz Carpentry Warehouse - Find us on Facebook


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