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Kunz Carpentry was founded in 1972 by Frank and Karen Kunz. The company began in Frank and Karen’s basement building the first set of kitchen cabinets, other than their own, for a customer. Kunz Carpentry originally started as a construction business building new homes and remodeling existing homes and gradually grew into other areas. The first house they built was out in the country North of Highland. Frank would often stop by this house over the years to check it out and chat with the owner. This owner still lives in the house today and is a valued customer at our Warehouse. After a few years of working out of the basement, Frank decided to build a small shop behind his house. This was the headquarters of the business where all employees started and ended their day, whether they were part of the outside crew building houses or the ones constructing and finishing the cabinetry items. While at this location, there were 4-12 people working in the shop building items, staining and varnishing, and meeting with customers to go over their plans.

Kunz Carpentry quickly outgrew the shop, so Frank purchased the old Illinois Power building that is known today as Kunz Carpentry Warehouse. Back then, it was just known as the warehouse and was used for staining and varnishing and storage of building materials for the company. Some people would occasionally stop by the shop and ask Frank if they could purchase a sheet of plywood or a few pieces of lumber and Frank would meet them at the warehouse and sell it to them. Once Frank realized that was becoming a regular occurrence, he needed to hire someone to meet with all of the customers, so he decided to open up a lumber and hardware store. In 1984, Kunz Carpentry Warehouse opened for business. This area of business caters to individual woodworkers; supplying them with hardwood lumber and plywood, as well as the tools and other supplies necessary for their projects. Once the business at Kunz Carpentry Warehouse took off, more space was needed for the growing business, so Frank purchased the old Klasing Motor Company building.

After purchasing the Klasing Motor Company building, Frank drew up the plans he had for the building and lot it sat on. A little at a time, Frank would add onto the building and over a seven year span, he and the Kunz Carpentry crew turned it into what it looks like today. He will be sure to tell you he laid all 34,000 brick and 6,000 concrete block (except maybe 50) himself. You can get a personal tour if you stop at our showroom. You will still see the Klasing Motor Company structure fully intact inside of our shop. Their office area turned into a smaller showroom for us and their auto shop turned into our woodworking shop. You can actually see the working car lift that has remained as part of the original building. Frank’s vision of the business was never to be a factory. He considers the workers to be more like family than employees.

Today, Kunz Carpentry specializes in custom kitchen cabinetry. We also offer custom bathroom vanities, bar units, entertainment centers, and much more! Since all of our items are custom built, you are able to choose every aspect of the item and have it handcrafted to fit your specific application. The employees at Kunz Carpentry provide personal customer service and quality products at competitive prices while maintaining the family owned spirit.

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